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Owning a dog is mostly fun and stress free, however, when things go wrong, what should you do? How do you even know if it's an emergency?

Poisonings are common, unfortunately, and depending on the substance ingested. Symptoms can range from lethargy to vomiting, abdominal pain to hyperactivity, behaviour changes to bleeding gums, even collapse.

Some toxic substances your dog might have swallowed include rat or slug bait, anti-freeze, chocolate, grapes, raisins, fruitcake, human

medications, xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in some chewing gum), and onions.

Never 'wait and see' with poisoning and always take any packaging with you to your vet. He or she may make your dog vomit, if appropriate, and give your dog the necessary treatment, including possible hospitalisation.

Never try and make your dog sick at home unless asked to do so by your vet. This can sometimes cause further complications and make your dog worse.

The summer months often bring insect stings and bites, which, although sore, are rarely emergencies, unless anaphylactic shock is observed (look for collapse, breathing difficulties, throat swelling) or your dog is bitten or stung a lot.

Playful puppies often eat bees, and most stings can be dealt with easily, but if your dog becomes unwell you should consider calling your vet.

Adder bites are common in hot weather too, complete with a tell-tale double puncture wound, typically on your dog's nose or face, so watch out for these. If you suspect a bite take your dog to your local veterinary practice and remember to call ahead first if possible.

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